About Us provides source of Singapore hotel information pricing, amenities and availability. We are team of experts with more than nine years of experiences in accommodation booking. delivers great deals focused on supplying the lowest available hotel and resort rates for accommodation in Singapore. We provide information to aid travelers to make decision in selecting the hotels that will best suit their demands and expected experiences. Hotels on our list are carefully picked and updated prices / availability on a regular basis offering you the best possible rates with secure online booking reservations. is currently enjoying a favored co-operation with most hotel suppliers in Singapore. The rates agreements are done for a yearly basis, following the international travel trade calendar of November to end October the following year. Currently, the company has rates agreement with an excess of 250+ hotels in Singapore in all categories and covering most leisure and business travel destinations of the country. Our goal is to serve travelers with great services at the most affordable price and try our best to match their expectations with reality. Search and book for great hotels at great prices now at



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